About Me

How I got started and other helpful tips

There are many ways an aspiring writer can make it into print and I believe every writing credit helps build a career. Be game. Be creative. Be brave.

I found that once a writer gets something accepted by an editor it is easier to sell more work. My first book sold to Random House and became a best sellerĀ in 2001, but not all authors have that kind of luck. I’ve also written for Harpercollins, Entangled publishing and several other publishers.

I also think it is easier to get published if you are prepared to try to write for new publishing lines where the editors are actively seeking authors. It helps to go to conferences, meet editors and introduce yourself.

If you find yourself hitting a brick wall, consider using my critique service. Authors I have edited have won awards and others have sold their first novel. I specialise in romance but I do edit other genres.

One publishing credit often leads to another, but it is important to get used to rejections to. Learn to get over it and to keep trying. Not everything sells, but for me, there is nothing more exciting than when you get that call from an editor.

Cathleen Ross