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I am a writing teacher with a BA Dip Ed in English/history and a Graduate Diploma in Communication management. I also have my Diploma in Editing. I have given workshops at writers’ centers and conferences. I have also won or finaled in many competitions including the ChickLitWriters: Stiletto competition, the Passionate Ink: Stroke of Midnight and in the Australian Romance Readers Award. I am multi-published in mystery, women’s fiction, romance, dystopia and erotica.

I love teaching writing and some of my students have sold their work to NY publishing houses (the big five) and finaled in competitions including the Ruby and ARRA. If you are interested in my editorial services, the information is below:

Editing and Critique Service

Most manuscripts require both editing and a critique. Editing means correcting grammar and spelling errors. My critiques consist of a detailed written report covering overall story such as voice, plot, characterization, pacing, pov. Send first five pages for pricing. For experienced authors I offer basic line copying editing.

Editing – with critiquing – $1.50 per page plus 10 minute phone call.

Editing/teaching/critiquing – $2.00 per page plus 10 minute phone call.

You call me.

If you are interested in the above services, email your double spaced Microsoft Word manuscript to and send your payment via PayPal to If you don’t have PayPal, then email me.

My turn around time is one to two weeks.

Another good editor is Jennifer Jansen one of the editors I use.

Jennifer Jansen Proof Reading Services – professional, thorough and affordable.
Background: University Degree and Post Graduate Diploma, 17 years experience as an English teacher.
Indie author prices $1.00 per page
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