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So you want to sell your book. Getting it to the right editor can make all the difference.

Many big publishers are launching ebook lines. This is a good place to break in for a new author.


If you want to break into publishing, It’s always good to try the ebook lines of well established publishers.

Entangled Publishing is buying terrific authors and well worth submitting to.

Harlequin’s Digital First line is Carina. Click below for their guidelines:

In Australia there are some great Digital First lines opening up.

Harlequin Australia has started Escape Publishing. At Escape Publishing, our mission is to connect readers all around the world with the stories they want to read. They have a particularly good editor in charge of this line. I have found them a pleasure to deal with.

Authors – it’s your time to shine! Do you have a trilogy that just never fit anywhere? A burning idea that keeps you up at night? A cross-genre experiment looking for a home? A rule-breaking character that doesn’t conform? Now is the time to submit, as Escape Publishing jumps head-first into the innovation and freedom of digital publishing.